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Supported Applications

We support versions of the following programs: QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. We do not support Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Please contact us if you intend to submit files from these applications.

For PC jobs, please convert all fonts to outlines before submitting or supply Macintosh fonts for substitution - please note that character encoding is different on Mac and PC platforms and that some characters do not transfer properly.

Sending Files

Electronic files can be provided on disc, via email or our FTP site. Please stuff or zip all files being sent via email or FTP. Keep file size under 5MB for anything sent via email. We prefer to receive native files when submitting. This allows us the greatest amount of flexibility to assist you. If you choose to supply PDFs, they should be made using Adobe Distiller’s Press Quality setting. All fonts should be embedded. All graphics should be linked to your native file so they are embedded in the PDF file. To create the most reliable PDF from QuarkXPress, create a Postscript file first, then run it through Acrobat Distiller. If supplying a PDF, be sure files are color broken properly and that any dielines, scores, etc are colored as DIELINE (i.e. not process).

FTP Information

From any PC, type into your browser. User is miv and password is jobs (case sensitive). From a Mac, we recommend using an FTP application such as Fetch or Transmit. These can be downloaded from www.fetchsoftworks.com or www.panic.com/transmit. Please compress all archives.

Useful Information

All photos supplied should be converted to CMYK colorspace and should have a final resolution of at least 300dpi (300dpi image @ 200% = 150dpi final res - not good). Please keep the DMAX below 300. Line art should be supplied as vector art or have a final resolution of at least 1200dpi. This is especially important for any foil stamping or embossing. We recommend that you do not set any type in Photoshop as it will be converted to pixels and not look crisp. Images from web pages are LOW RES and should not be used.

Please remember to include all fonts - printer AND screen fonts. Adobe Type I fonts are preferred. Also be sure to check all support art as well. Quark’s collect for output will not gather these fonts.

All files submitted should include a laser proof reflecting final copy, images and color break. We cannot be held liable for errors in customer furnished files.

Do not trap files. We will provide these services to our standards. However, any additional work necessary to correct files, including typesetting, will incur additional charges.

We require a signed proof to be returned to us for production to begin. All production times begin from the time we receive the proof back with an OK to print.